Neuro Therapy in Scottsdale

Neuro Therapy in Scottsdale AZ

What does Dr. Trapp do in these sessions? What does it help?

Our bodies are very smart! They are continually making compensations for pain or restricted movement. For example, if your foot is painful, your brain will change your movement (limping is one way) to take pressure off your foot. When there is an injury, these compensations form many layers of dysfunction. When healing is complete, most of the compensations have disappeared. However, often some compensations remain. These can cause more pain, restricted motion, and even new injuries - long after the original injury is healed. See how Neuro Therapy in Scottsdale can help!

Neuro Therapy or Manual Therapy in Scottsdale AZ

Dr. Trapp's "Neuro Therapy" (or Manual Therapy) addresses and corrects these remaining compensations. These are time-based sessions, typically 50 minutes long. Dr. Trapp combines the multitude of techniques she has taken, along with her own methods of finding/treating physical issues. The general techniques used are Applied Kinesiology, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and a variety of neurologically-based methods listed below. She will check the performance and tone of muscles. She will use various neurological activations and look at the body's responses to them. She will do myofascial release as needed, either with her hands or with the Hypervolt device (gentle percussion). She can also use her own energetic methods in combination with the above approaches to create lasting change.

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